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Air Abrasion Dental Procedure in St. Louis

Air abrasion was developed around 1950. It removes decay by bombarding the tooth with a pressurized stream of microscopic abrasive powder. The powder is made of aluminum oxide particles. The air abrasion process works like a "sand blaster." Air abrasion offers an alternative to the high-speed hand piece (a.k.a. dental drill) for some simple dental procedures. It is very quiet and produces much less heat or vibration compared to a dental drill. Some small cavities can be prepared using air abrasion without the need for local anesthesia. This makes it possible for patients to have several teeth prepared in a single dental visit without residual mouth numbness. Air abrasion may be particularly useful to treat children with shallow tooth decay.

Air abrasion does have some limitations. Because of the way the air abrasion unit prepares the tooth, only tooth-colored composite resin can be used to fill the cavity. Air abrasion also cannot adequately prepare a tooth for crowns or fillings between teeth. It is not intended to replace the dental drill. The dental drill still has much more versatile applications. Air abrasion is best used to prepare small, shallow cavities for composite fillings.

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